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Apolion's Genocide - Discography '92-'96 LP


BLACK VOMIT RECORDS is proud to announce the collaboration with APOLION'S GENOCIDE for the release of their complete discography dating from '92 to '96 on VINYL. APOLION'S GENOCIDE, one of the most CULT and EXTREME black metal bands hailing from the depths of Colombia were formed in '91 and have been unique and exceptional from day one, since they did not follow the more CHAOTIC death/thrash direction of their fellow countrymen(PARABELLUM,REENCARNACION,BLASFEMIA etc);instead they followed the more ABYSSIC and MYSTICAL sound of European black metal bands like SAMAEL, ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON, BEHERIT, a pretty rare and uncommon decision in Latin America back in the early '90s.Brutal-death metal oriented vocals,Memorable mid tempo riffs,Atmospheric keyboards, ALL THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SO CALLED "MEDITERRANEAN" SOUND ARE THERE- A TRADEMARK OF THE EARLY '90s BLACK METAL The '92-'96 Discography LP contains the "Promo Tape" '92, the "Olupicsid Nu A Anendro Sathanas" Demo '94, the "Selaicnetsixe Samgidarap" Demo '96. STRICTLY LIMITED to 200 copies.

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